Korean Society of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition

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Dear Colleagues,

I"m Jeong-Meen Seo, 6th president of the Korean Society of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition (KSSMN). This society started as the Korean Study Group of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition in 1994 with the KSSMN founded in 2010. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the foundation.

I believe that the active participation and enthusiasm of all our members including former presidents and board members has contributed to the KSSMN to reach its current status. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the development of the KSSMN, and I will do my best to develop the society. Along with the development of surgical skill and technology, the development of perioperative nutrition and metabolism is having a profound impact on the rapid recovery of patients and the improvement of surgical outcomes. The KSSMN will not spare any active support to share knowledge and friendship among surgeons interested in surgical nutrition and metabolism, and will implement the following target projects during my two years in office.

1. Increasing the number of total members
2. Establishing an Enhanced Recovery After Survey (ERAS)
3. Launch of the Asian Society of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition (tentative)
4. The introduction of newly insured items of perioperative nutrition management
5. Supporting research projects and internationalization of our journal, the Surgical Nutrition and Metabolosm (SMN)
6. Becoming one of the members under the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences

The KSSMN is one of the younger surgical societies. Taking a look at the KSSMN conference that develops year by year, it seems that the day that for us to contribute to surgical metabolism and nutrition to the world beyond Asia will not be far away.

I believe that with your sacrifice and service, COVID-19 will be resolved soon.

Stay healthy, everyone.
With love from the KSSMN.