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The Annals of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ACNM, ISSN 2799-7898, eISSN 2799-8363) is the joint official journal of the Korean Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (KSPEN) and the Korean Society of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition (KSSMN). The KSPEN and KSSMN together constitute the largest clinical nutritional expert society in Korea. The joint journal was launched in 2021. The ACNM is published biannually on June 1 and December 1. All articles were published exclusively in English from 2021. Each issue contains invaluable scientific information on clinical nutrition and metabolism for all professionals involved in the field.

Aim and Scope

The Annals of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed platform for the communication and exchange of scientific research and current practice in the field of clinical nutrition and metabolism. It is intended for all physician, nurses, dietitian, pharmacist, and all concerned with the clinical nutrition and metabolism. We are concentrating our efforts on the publication of manuscripts on the following subjects:
- Nutritional screening and assessment
- Nutritional planning
- Perioperative nutritional care
- Nutrition therapy in acute and chronic disease
- Critical care nutrition
- Optimizing enteral and parental therapy
- State-of-the-art diagnostic techniques for nutritional care
- Innovative surgical or interventional techniques for nutritional care
- Nationwide nutrition survey
- Scientific laboratory research

The ACNM publishes original articles, guidelines, invited reviews, case reports, editorials, and letters to the editor which is related to clinical nutrition and metabolism. All manuscripts will undergo blinded peer-review, and the editorial board determines publication. The journal will be distributed to KSEPN and KSSMN members, as well as medical schools, libraries and related institutes.